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If you are looking for a place in Kien Giang to both immerse yourself in the vast sea and admire the majestic mountain landscape, Ha Tien town will definitely be a great choice. there. The Ha Tien travel experiences we share below will make your trip more complete and memorable.

Synthesis of travel experiences in Ha Tien you should pocket Introduce some features of Ha Tien

Ha Tien is a highland border city located in the northwestern region of Kien Giang province, bordering Cambodia. Not only possessing the majestic and poetic natural scenery with golden forests and silver sea, Ha Tien is also a place associated with historical stories about the Tran Quoc Cong Mac Cuu. He was a man who made great contributions to the exploration of the land of Ha Tien in the Nguyen dynasty.

Ha Tien is located in the golden triangle of tourism in Kien Giang province. From here, you can easily move to the famous tourist destinations of Kien Giang such as Phu Quoc pearl island, Rach Gia city, …

Should you travel to Ha Tien at any time of the year?

Ha Tien is an attractive tourist destination in Kien Giang

Ha Tien city is located in the subequatorial monsoon tropical climate, the weather is quite mild and comfortable with an average temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius, neither too cold nor too hot. So, according to Ha Tien tourism experience , you can come here at many times of the year. However, to be able to immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the beaches here, you should go in the summer, from April to August every year.

How to move to Ha Tien

You can travel to Ha Tien at many times of the year

Ha Tien is a major tourist center of Kien Giang province. So there are many ways to move to Ha Tien that you can choose from.

From Noi Bai or Tan Son Nhat airport, you can buy a flight ticket to Rach Gia airport. Then continue to take a taxi, bus or rent a motorbike to move to Ha Tien. In addition, from Ho Chi Minh City, if you want to save more money, you can take Kumho bus (Ticket price is about 180,000 VND / 1 way – Telephone: 0837527878) or Phuong Trang garage (Ticket price 180,000 VND / 1 time – Telephone 0838 309 309).

Hotels in Ha Tien

The beauty of the sea Ha Tien

The hotel system in Ha Tien is quite diverse and plentiful, with a full range of segments from affordable to high-end for you to choose from. Here are some good, affordable accommodation places you can refer to your upcoming trip:

Nui Den Resort

Address: Nui Den Street, Zone 3, Phao Dai Ward, Ha Tien

Price reference room: 24 to 27 USD.

Hotel Visuha Hotel

Address: No. 81 Tran Hau street, Binh San ward, Ha Tien city.

Price reference room: 26 USD / 1 room / 1 night.

Ha Tien Happy Hotel

Address: No. 13-14 Hoang Van Thu, Binh San ward, Ha Tien city.

Price reference room: 17 USD / 1 room / 1 night.

Huong Xua Hotel

Address: No. 1 Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Phao Dai Ward, Ha Tien City.

Price reference room: 17 USD / 1 night.

Sammy Ha Tien Hotel

Address: No. 79 Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Quarter 1, Phao Dai Ward, Ha Tien City.

Price reference room: 24 USD / 1 night.

Famous sights in Ha Tien you should not miss Mui Nai Beach

The hotel system in Ha Tien is very diverse

One of the famous tourist destinations in Ha Tien that is loved by many people is Mui Nai beach. Although there is no smooth white sand beach, the sea water is very clear and clean, the waves are calm, so it is very suitable for bathing in hot summer days. Coming to Mui Nai, besides interesting activities at sea, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of fresh seafood dishes.

Visiting Thach Dong

Mui Nai Beach

Thach Dong is also considered a famous sightseeing place in Ha Tien that you should not miss. This place is also known as Thach Dong Thôn Vân, which means Nuoc May Stone Cave. Inside the cave is a system of beautiful limestone stalactites. In which, the most special one must mention the giant green stone pillar up to 80 meters high. You can climb to the top of it and enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Tien city from above.


Thach Dong in Ha Tien

Da Dung Mountain is about 100 meters high, located 6 kilometers from the center of Ha Tien town. In the past, this mountain held a very important strategic position in his father’s fight against invaders. Currently, this place has become a famous historical relic, welcoming a lot of tourists to visit every day.

Mausoleum of Mac Cuu


To travel Ha Tien without visiting the mausoleum of Mac Cuu, the result is extremely regrettable. This tomb is located on Mac Cuu Street, in Binh San ward, inside the Binh San mountain range. It worships the Khai Quoc Cong Mac Cuu, who publicly gave birth to Ha Tien land in the past. Here, you will be immersed in a pure, peaceful space to forget all the hustle and bustle of life.

Ha Tien night market

Mausoleum of Mac Cuu

Discovering Ha Tien night market is a very interesting experience. This market has dozens of different stalls selling all kinds of cool things. From cosmetics, fashion products, unique handicrafts to delicious and attractive dishes. You can also buy dried seafood here at reasonable prices as gifts for relatives and friends.

What to eat when traveling to Ha Tien?

Ha Tien night market

Ha Tien not only has a beautiful landscape, poetic poetry, but also possesses a very special cuisine. There are countless delicious dishes in Ha Tien, including the dishes you must try such as: vermicelli, steamed rice noodles, coffee beans, herring salad, …

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Above are some essential Ha Tien travel experiences that we want to share with you. Hopefully it will help somewhat for your trip to Kien Giang in the near future.

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Từ khoá: Discover Ha Tien – the land possessing the poetic beauty that captivates the hearts of people in Kien Giang

In The Heart Of The Capital, There Are Street Vendors That Make Many Restaurants “Envy” Because Of The Crowd

Among the many colors of Hanoi’s streets, perhaps the simple, close and impressive beauty in many people’s hearts is the street vendors with rustic gifts. It can be a load of sticky rice in the early morning or a load of vermicelli or noodle soup in the late afternoon. Although it is simple and rustic, there is nothing but a few chairs, yet many vendors are always busy with buyers.

Sticky Rice

For those who love the taste of traditional sticky rice in Hanoi, it is no longer strange with the name May sticky rice. Even though it’s just a stall selling goods in a small corner of the sidewalk, every morning is filled with customers.

Photo: @Quy Nguyen

Xoi Xeo May is located at the intersection of Hang Bai and Ly Thuong Kiet. At about 6:30 a.m., on the intersection of Hang Bai and Ly Thuong Kiet, anyone passing by will see a row of sticky rice on the sidewalk crowded with buyers. There are days when there are many customers, the sticky rice is sold out early, so people who come later can’t buy it anymore.

May’s sticky rice impresses diners by the blend of sticky sticky rice, greasy water, green beans and fragrant fried onions. Delicious sticky rice packages are only from 10k – 30k, the price of each pack of sticky rice is not fixed because it depends on the requirements of the customer. Some people add more rice, some people less sticky rice, some leave out onions, etc. Although each person has a request, the shop owner is still brave, especially not confused.

Photo: @Quy Nguyen

Although it is just a sidewalk restaurant selling rustic breakfast foods, May’s sticky rice is always a familiar and quality address to many Hanoians.

Address: Hang Bai – Ly Thuong Kiet intersection

Opening hours: 06:30 – 10:00

Price: 10,000 VND – 30,000 VND($1=24,000 VND)

Miss La’s Rib Porridge

Hot rib porridge has long been a favorite dish of Hanoians. That porridge can be a light breakfast, a delicious late-afternoon snack or a warm night’s meal. In the heart of the capital, there is no shortage of delicious porridge shops, but the 20-year-old porridge burden in Ly Quoc Su attracts diners the most.

Photo: @kanawa

For those who love this dish, Co La porridge shop is a familiar address. Previously, she sold at Huyen Lane, later moved to Ly Quoc Su – Hang Bong intersection. The bowl of porridge is always hot, cooked with bone broth, so it has a natural aroma and sweetness.

Co La restaurant is just a small pile of porridge located on the sidewalk on the corner of the old town. Every day, she sells from early morning until late at night. In the afternoon, the elderly and children sat in a long line, each carrying a small bowl of porridge with enough toppings and sauces.

Photo: @linhlinh0112, @thegioidiadiem

Ms. La once shared that she wakes up every morning at 4am to cook 3-4 large pots of 20kg/pot porridge. On a hot day, she sold out 70-80kg of porridge, every 5-6 pm is off. Every time the winter comes or the weather gets a little chilly, her shop is full of people going in and out, customers eating at the restaurant, and then the shipper coming in line to get porridge.

Address: 2A Ly Quoc Su, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Opening hours: 06:30 – 11:00 & 14:00 – 18:00

Selling price: 25,000 VND – 30,000 VND

De To Hoang floating cake

Referring to the hot steamed rice cake, the people of Ha Thanh are not too unfamiliar with famous and delicious cake shops such as Ba Thin sticky rice cake or Bach Mai street cake. In addition, there is still a row of floating cakes that are passed on by gourmets, which is the row of rice cakes in De To Hoang Lane.

With no spacious shops, no sparkling signs, the floating cake shop in De To Hoang is actually a very simple load of floating cakes, but it has made many diners love it over the years.

Photo: @Quy Nguyen

Existing for nearly 30 years, although the cake burden is located deep in a small alley, it has never been carried away, dear customers. Every day around 3-4 pm, De To Hoang alley starts to get congested. For those who do not like crowded places or having to wait, this place can make them bored, because every 16:30 is the peak of the shop. Customers came to eat floating cakes, customers bought them to take home, even when she didn’t get out early, there were people waiting to buy in time.

Photo: @Quy Nguyen

Every day, she prepares 3-4 boxes of Dumpling cake (medium-sized warm foam box), a box of granny’s tea, a box of black bean tea, and a box of cassava tea. Yet every day, she sold out, and soon, it took only more than 2 hours for the guests to come later to have the opportunity to enjoy this delicious dish.

Address: section number 98 – 100 De To Hoang Street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Opening time: 16:00 – 18:30

Price: 20,000 VND – 30,000 VND

West Lake beef

Watching the sunset of West Lake, enjoying together, sipping sweet beef is one of the pleasures of many young people in Hanoi. Although this dish is not too new, it is still one of the snacks that are extremely loved by young people.

Photo: @tungboo0107, @dothibichhanh, @callmemay, @tieudida

It is not difficult to see bullock carts wandering around the streets of Hanoi. Along Thanh Nien Street (West Lake) every evening, every 10 meters, you will see a stall of bovines. Among them, the most popular among young people is the ox cart with the word “Thank You” at the beginning of Truc Bach Lake. That unique name was passed on by young people to make it easy to identify with other stores.

Photo: @tungboo0107

It is still a beef citadel consisting of simple ingredients such as rice paper rolls, malt candy and fresh grated coconut. It all blends together to form a very mouth-watering sweet taste. The special feature that makes many people love this cart is the owner’s very enthusiastic sales style. If you want to add coconut, add candies, you can add more. In addition, there are times when he adds coconut, customers are also given free coconut water. That comfort makes this “Thank you” bullock cart visited by young people.

Address: 1-3 Truc Bach, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Opening hours: 17:00 – 21:00

Price: 5,000 VND – 10,000 VND

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Đương Nguyễn Minh

Từ khoá: In the heart of the capital, there are street vendors that make many restaurants “envy” because of the crowd

Japan In The Season Of Wisteria, The Most Beautiful And Romantic Flower In The World

When the cherry blossom season is over, the wisteria season has just arrived. At this time, the pink and purple color gently covers the whole park, making the natural scenery more beautiful than ever. If you have the opportunity to come to the land of Phu Tang, you definitely do not miss the opportunity to admire the wisteria paradise.

The romantic beauty of wisteria flowers.

Origin and meaning of Japanese wisteria

The scientific name of wisteria is Wisteria Sinesis, English is Chinese Wisteria. It is a species of flowering plant in the legume family, which is a vine with flowers that hang down to the ground. Wisteria flowers are grown most in the Eastern United States, however, in some countries such as China and Japan, they are also grown as ornamental plants in parks and tourist attractions.

Wisteria flowers have many different colors such as white, yellow, red, but the most popular is purple wisteria.

In Japan, wisteria flowers are called Fuji flowers. In Vietnam, they are called by many different names such as wisteria flower, wisteria flower, purple cassava … Although it takes 10 years for wisteria to flower, when in full bloom, it brings poetic beauty. Dreamy and romantic, making people feel lost in a fairyland. Therefore, people often grow wisteria in trellises, clusters or flower tunnels.

If the rose symbolizes love, the wisteria flower means eternal love. White flowers symbolize pure love, sincere friendship. Purple flowers are expressions of affection and expression of expectation of the other party’s response… Perhaps that’s why Japanese wisteria is considered one of the most romantic and beautiful flowers in the world.

Photo: @linglan_photolife.

The wisteria tunnel in Ashikaga Park.

Admire the Japanese wisteria paradise

In Vietnam, wisteria flowers bloom most beautifully in February and March when the weather is still chilly. In China, the blooming time is from March to April. If you come to Japan between April and May, you will have the opportunity to admire the scenery of the whole country. covered with romantic purple color.

The wisteria tree is over 100 years old. Photo: @taurusody.

Currently, all over Japan there are many places to see wisteria flowers. However, the most beautiful is the flower paradise in Ashikaga Park. In 2024, CNN once selected this park as one of the top 10 desirable destinations with specialties of the wisteria season. This is also the place where the great wisteria tree is over 100 years old and the “wisteria tunnel” stretches for nearly 100m, the tree is about 20m high and 10m wide horizontally. When blooming, the flowers droop into clusters of purple, making the scene here like a fairyland in the world.

In addition, Ashikaga Park also has a flower path with an arch covered with white wisteria flowers and a long walkway with yellow wisteria flowers on both sides. In the evenings, the whole park is brightly lit, creating a memorable landscape for locals and tourists from all over the world to visit and take pictures.

In the evening, the whole park is brightly lit. Photo: @kotankotankotan182.

The wisteria flower clusters are like silk ribbons.

Some places to see wisteria flowers in Japan

1. Kawachi Fujien (Kawachi Wisteria Garden)

Address: Japan, 〒805-0045 Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Yahatahigashi Ward.

2. Ashikaga Flower Park

Address: 607 Hasamacho, Ashikaga 329-4216, Tochigi Prefecture.

3. Kaimeido-Tenjin Đền Shrine

Address: 3 Chome-6-1 Kameido, Koto City, Tokyo 136-0071.

4. Tennogawa Park

Address: 〒496-0853 1, Miyagawa-cho, Tsushima-City, Aichi.

5. Mandaraji Temple / Park

Address: 202 Maehibocho Teramachi, Konan, Aichi Prefecture.

6. Fujii-dera Temple

Address: 1 Chome-16-21 Fujiidera, Osaka 583-0024.

7. Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Address: 160 Kasuganocho, Nara, Nara Prefecture 630-8212.

8. Manyo Botanical Garden

Address: 160 Kasuganocho, Kasuga Grand Temple, Nara 630-8212, Nara Prefecture.

9. Myofukuji Temple

Address: 1465 Myokencho, Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture Time: May

10. Kasukabe

Address: 44344-0004 764-2, Ushijima, Kasukabe-shi, Saitama Fujihana Garden.


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Từ khoá: Japan in the season of wisteria, the most beautiful and romantic flower in the world

Nam Du Island In The Beautiful Season At The End Of The Year

Nam Du archipelago belongs to An Son and Nam Du communes, Kien Hai district, about 120 km from the Rach Gia coast. It consists of 21 large and small islands, of which 11 are inhabited.

Thanks to owning many clear blue beaches and peaceful beauty, this archipelago is one of the southern destinations that many tourists visit every weekend or holiday.

To set foot in the archipelago, visitors will have to take a speedboat, stopping at the wharf of Hon Lon island (also known as Cu Tron island) – the largest island of 21 islands in Nam Du.

Guests will rent a boat to explore Lon island and visit some other beautiful places.

To Lon island, there is a 2.6 km long, paved road leading from the center of the island to the peak of 295 m.

At this peak, visitors can admire the panoramic view of the blue sky and sea in the same large and small undulating islands.

Hon Lon owns many beaches such as Dat Do beach, Cay Men beach, Ngu beach, Gieng beach… and rows of many years old green coconut trees. Here, visitors can rent motorbikes to run around the island road on one side of the cliff, the other side is the romantic blue sea.

In addition to immersing in the cool blue water, visitors can also admire the tall coconut trees, and craggy cliffs with many colorful rocks. Guests enjoy experiencing many activities such as swimming, playing…

From Lon island, visitors take about 30 minutes by boat to Ngang island after visiting Ba Chua Xu Temple Cu Tron – the sacred place of worship of the islanders; learn about local people’s life; This is the most densely populated place in Nam Du archipelago, most of which live by fishing and fish farming in cages. Hon Ngang has a large seaport, gathering many fishing boats anchored.

More than 2 km from Ngang island to the southeast is Mau island with an area of ​​200 hectares. Here, visitors delight to record beautiful photos, enjoying sips of cool coconut water; Roaming around the fishing village to learn about the life and culture of the indigenous people.

Coming to Nam Du, visitors can also explore many other beautiful islands such as Nom Ngoai island, Nom Giua island, Nom Trong island, Dam island, Hang island, Moc island, Tre island, and Nhan island…

According to local people, the best time to travel to Nam Du island is from December to March because the sea is quite calm and clear at this time, giving visitors a pleasant feeling when traveling by boat.

If departing from Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can travel by bus to Rach Gia city (Kien Giang) for about 6 hours and then go by speedboat to Nam Du with a round-trip ticket price of more than 400,000 VND per person. . In addition, visitors can now take a speedboat from Phu Quoc island with a travel time of more than an hour.

photo : Khanh Thien

Đăng bởi: Chúc Phạm

Từ khoá: Nam Du Island in the beautiful season at the end of the year

The Enchanting Charm Of Thac Ba Lake In The Floating Season

Thac Ba Lake is located in two districts of Yen Binh and Luc Yen. The lake covers nearly 20,000 hectares of water surface, including more than 1,300 large and small green islands, and a beautiful cave system hidden deep in the heart of limestone mountains.

Due to the characteristics of the Chay river and the water treatment function, the water level of Thac Ba lake fluctuates greatly, averaging about 13 m (from 45 to 58.5 m). Every year, from the beginning of autumn, the lake begins to store water to serve production and power generation in spring and summer (when there is little rain).

When the lake accumulates water (flooding season), the hills, large and small rocks on the lake will be completely flooded to form green islands. The color of the trees and plants mixed with the color of the water creates a very beautiful green landscape.

Anyone who has once visited Thac Ba Lake in the floating season will surely be surprised and attached to the poetic and magnificent landscape of the lake.

From the original goal of water treatment and electricity generation, now Thac Ba lake has become a multi-purpose lake when both serving electricity generation, providing clean water for people, and developing aquaculture. In particular, the lake has become an attractive tourist destination.

Coming to Thac Ba lake, visitors will be transported by boat to admire the river and enjoy the fresh air in the vast, shimmering water surface reflecting the endless islands.

The surrounding flooded hills are planted with eucalyptus trees, acacia trees in rows, trees are evenly spaced, making the scenery on the lake more beautiful.

When coming to Thac Ba Lake, in addition to visiting Thac Ba Hydropower Plant, visitors can also visit Thac Ba Mau Temple, located on Hoang Thi Mountain, with its back to the mountain, overlooking the Chay River in the East East direction. North, far away is Cao Bien mountain. For a long time, Thac Ba Mau Temple has been famous as a sacred place, recognized as a Provincial Cultural and Historical Relic in 2004.

Continuing the journey, visitors discover the magical beauty of stalactites and strange natural stone statues at the complex of limestone caves on the lake such as Xuan Long cave, Bach Xa cave, Thac Ba, Thac Ong. ..

Especially Thuy Tien cave, located in the middle of the lake, flooded on all sides, the rocky mountain is about 100m long, several tens of meters wide, in the heart there are sparkling stalactites, in which there are pictures of nine fairies, each with a unique look. with thrilling, fascinating love lore.

Along with the cave system, visitors can go to Cao Bien mountain, the largest and longest mountain range in Thac Ba lake. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can zoom in to see the lake covered in mist with shimmering beauty, feel the majestic beauty of nature.

Not far from the Chay river, visitors will come to the land of Ngoc Luc Yen with famous landscapes such as Chua São cave, Dai Cai temple, gem market…

The charming landscape, rich in aquatic resources, the lakeside is also home to many ethnic groups such as Kinh, Tay, Nung, Mong, Dao, Phu La, Cao Lan… catch shrimp)

One of the rest stops on Thac Ba lake

Besides the wild and magnificent beauty, many landscapes on the lake are also changed or broken due to human impacts, such as quarrying at quarries along the lake.

Thac Ba Lake has been approved by the Prime Minister for the planning project to become Thac Ba Lake National Tourist Area by 2025, with a vision to 2030. The project aims to develop Thac Ba Lake into an attractive destination of the region. Northern midland and mountainous regions with typical tourism products associated with traditional culture and lakebed ecology. Currently, there are investors in research and preparation for investment. In the near future, Thac Ba lake (Yen Bai) will be more attractive to tourists near and far.

(According to VOV)

Đăng bởi: Nguyệt Nguyễn

Từ khoá: The enchanting charm of Thac Ba Lake in the floating season

Vietnam Is The Most Beautiful In Asia In The Eyes Of A Dutch Boy

Before coming to Vietnam, Gilian Lipman, a Dutch, heard many compliments from friends and people in other Asian countries. In his image, Vietnam is the most beautiful country in Asia because of its diverse natural landscape. In addition, when he learned by himself, he also fell in love with the road from North to South , which was also praised by Western backpackers.

“Vietnam is a great place to explore,” says Gilian.

Gilian climbed to the top of the Mua Cave area, Ninh Binh to “compete against the top of the mountain”.

While in the Netherlands, Gilian was a tax consultant but resigned to travel to Vietnam, but at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic. Stuck at home, he opened a personal gym training website and maintains it to this day. He arrived in Thailand before Vietnam opened its doors for tourists to wait, and after 16 weeks in the land of golden pagodas, he entered Vietnam on May 28.

Gilian is happy when her dream of discovering Vietnam comes true. He planned to stay for a long time, so he took his time to explore. So far, he has visited many places in the North, visiting a number of historical sites such as French architectural houses and Hoa Lo prison in Hanoi, Ha Long Bay… before continuing to explore the Central region. and the South.

Gilian loves Mua Cave and Tam Coc in Ninh Binh , Sa Pa (Lao Cai) and Ha Long Bay ( Quang Ninh ). If he chooses his favorite place, he chooses Cat Cat village in Sa Pa. “It’s a hidden gem with many mysterious beauties. The nature is beautiful, there are villages, and I get to meet ethnic people,” he said.

Gilian experiences sailing in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh in early August.

Especially, Gilian compares the beautiful and majestic nature of Vietnam like a fairy film. He compared it to the film The Chronicles of Narnia , beloved by generations of Western children, depicting a fantasy world filled with wonder. “For example, taking a boat on the Tam Coc River, holding up the camera to take pictures and recording videos at any time, I am amazed at the beautiful scenery,” praised Gilian. In his eyes, Ninh Binh is beautiful in the style of “all shapes and sizes” because there are caves, temples, and mountains within a short distance.

Similar to Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa, he said that the scenes “as if not real” and caused the camera to work continuously.

“In Indonesia or Thailand, you have to know the spots with nature or beautiful scenery, but in Vietnam, you are always surrounded by beautiful nature,” said Gilian.

However, in Vietnam, Gilian also has not very good experiences, such as the language barrier when Vietnamese people do not know much English and hygiene problems, but “have experienced it since I was in Thailand”.

In terms of food, he was satisfied when he tried pho, after hearing many compliments from his friends. “It’s a bit difficult because I’m not used to using chopsticks. In my opinion, Vietnamese food is very pale compared to Thai food.”

Gil with his compatriot, Chariss, in Ha Long Bay. They met in Thailand and Gil “led” Chariss to discover the beauty of Vietnam.

In the future, he will travel to the rest of Vietnam by motorbike. “When I think about Asian countries, the feeling of riding a motorbike gives me the ultimate sense of freedom. I will visit Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, and am also excited to see and learn more about the history. and the wars in Vietnam. I read and learned a lot about them when I was in college,” Gilian said.

Đăng bởi: Dương Thị Diệp

Từ khoá: Vietnam is the most beautiful in Asia in the eyes of a Dutch boy

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