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More than 200 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Soc Trang is known to tourists near and far thanks to its many destinations. In addition, because it is the cultural convergence of many Kinh, Hoa, Khmer, and Cham ethnic groups, this place is also famous for having many specialties that make diners nostalgic, especially the Cong cake – one of the traditional dishes of the Khmer in this province.

Cong cake with salad, herbs, sweet and sour fish sauce with sour food, cucumber, vermicelli.

Ms. San, a Khmer in Dai Tam commune, My Xuyen district, shared that the name Banh Cong is derived from the shape of the cake poured in a mold with a deep heart, similar to the shape of a culvert. This mold is made of aluminum, round cylinder, flat bottom, 4-5 cm high, with a handle 25-30 cm long. The ingredients to make the cake include rice flour, soybeans, green beans, shrimp, meat, cassava roots, taro, purple onions … and many spices.

The steps to make a congee cake also take a lot of steps, from how to mix the dough, make the filling, fry the cake until the sauce is harmonious and right. First, the green beans will soak in water for about a night, then cook until soft, avoiding crushing the beans. The baker continues to soak the soybeans and clean the shell, puree, then mix with rice flour to make fried dough.

The filling of the cake will have more ground pork, cassava root with minced cat mushrooms, stir-fried with purple onions and seasoning for harmony. As for shrimp, choose the type of shrimp, which is small but sweet for meat, washed and drained, taro cut into fibers.

In order to fry the golden brown rice cake evenly on all sides, people here will use a deep pan, fill it with oil, and cook it on high heat. “How to dip the cake mold into boiling oil to heat it evenly to prevent the cake from sticking to the mold when frying,” noted Ms. In particular, in order to have a really delicious cake, we will first put a patch of cake flour in the mold, followed by ground meat, cassava roots, black fungus, green beans and taro, then add a patch of flour and then add the flour. shrimp to the top.

Cong cake is fried in a pan filled with oil for about 5 minutes until it turns golden. Then, the cake will be removed from the mold and continue to be placed in the oil pan, fried for about 2 minutes until it becomes crispy, then take it out, put it in a sieve to drain the oil.

Due to being deep-fried in oil, the crust is dark yellow, crispy, and on top are bright red shrimp.

Soc Trang people eat congee cake with salad, herbs, sweet and sour fish sauce with sour food, and cucumber, many places also add a little vermicelli to fill the stomach. The crispy golden cult cake is cut into small pieces, and rolled with vegetables dipped in a cup of fish sauce with a little chili. When eating, you will feel the fleshy taste of green beans and taro, the aroma of shrimp meat, crispy crust mixed with vegetables and dipping sauce.

Many diners fall in love with Cong cake because it can be found in many places. Particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to places on Lanh Binh Thang (District 11), Ly Thuong Kiet (Go Vap), Le Van Sy (District 3), Le Quang Sung (District 6)… to Enjoy this specialty. The price of each cake is from 10,000 VND to 15,000 VND.

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Từ khoá: Cong cake – a specialty of Khmer people in Soc Trang

How Many Ounces In A Half Gallon Of Ice Cream: A Quick Guide

1/2 Gallon = (64 oz)

Based on this calculation, a half gallon contains 64 ounces. However, when considering ice cream, it’s crucial to note that it’s measured by weight, not volume. As ice cream contains air, a half gallon of ice cream usually weighs less than 64 fluid ounces. The industry standard is approximately 56-60 ounces per half gallon of ice cream.

Here are some common conversions between US customary units:

UnitEquivalent1 Gallon128 ounces (fluid)1 Quart32 ounces (fluid)1 Pint16 ounces (fluid)1 Cup8 ounces (fluid)

Understanding these conversions can help you accurately measure ingredients and calculate the amount of ice cream needed for your serving size.

Calculating Ounces in a Half Gallon of Ice Cream

When trying to determine how many ounces are in a half gallon of ice cream, it is essential to consider that a US gallon consists of 128 fluid ounces. Therefore, to calculate the ounces in a half-gallon, a simple equation can be utilized.

To begin, divide the total fluid ounces in a gallon (128) by two. This will provide the total fluid ounces in a half-gallon:

128 fluid ounces ÷ 2 = 64 fluid ounces

Thus, when looking at ice cream, there are 64 fluid ounces in a half-gallon. It can also be useful to convert this measurement to weight, as ice cream is often sold by weight. To estimate the weight, one can use the general conversion factor for ice cream, which is approximately 0.68 ounces per fluid ounce:

64 fluid ounces × 0.68 = 43.52 ounces (weight)

Consequently, a half-gallon of ice cream weighs roughly 43.52 ounces. Keep in mind that the density of ice cream may vary from one brand to another, and these calculations offer an estimate.

Common Ice Cream Sizes

Ice cream is often sold in various sizes to accommodate different consumer needs. Some common sizes include:



Half gallons


A pint of ice cream contains 16 fluid ounces, while a quart contains 32 fluid ounces. Half-gallon and gallon sizes are larger, holding 64 and 128 fluid ounces, respectively.

When discussing half gallons, it is common for people to wonder how many ounces this size contains. As mentioned earlier, a half gallon of ice cream is equivalent to 64 fluid ounces. This size is popular among families or gatherings, as it offers a greater quantity of ice cream than smaller sizes while still being manageable for storage and consumption.

Practical Applications

In everyday life, understanding the conversion between ounces and gallons, specifically in the context of ice cream, can be helpful for various tasks. These may include portion control, cost comparison, and even planning events.

For portion control:

Knowing half a gallon of ice cream contains 64 ounces is useful when examining serving sizes. An individual 2-ounce serving consists of 1/32 of the half-gallon container.

When comparing costs:

Container SizeOuncesPricePrice per OunceHalf Gallon64$8$0.125Quart32$4.50$0.141Pint16$3$0.188

By analyzing the prices per ounce, informed decisions can be made when comparing sizes for the best value.

For event planning:

Estimating the amount of ice cream needed to serve guests can be accomplished with ounces, simplifying the calculations. For example, an event with 30 guests each having a 2-ounce serving would necessitate 60 ounces of ice cream.

These practical applications demonstrate the value of understanding the conversion between ounces and gallons in the context of ice cream consumption.

Vietnam Is The Most Beautiful In Asia In The Eyes Of A Dutch Boy

Before coming to Vietnam, Gilian Lipman, a Dutch, heard many compliments from friends and people in other Asian countries. In his image, Vietnam is the most beautiful country in Asia because of its diverse natural landscape. In addition, when he learned by himself, he also fell in love with the road from North to South , which was also praised by Western backpackers.

“Vietnam is a great place to explore,” says Gilian.

Gilian climbed to the top of the Mua Cave area, Ninh Binh to “compete against the top of the mountain”.

While in the Netherlands, Gilian was a tax consultant but resigned to travel to Vietnam, but at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic. Stuck at home, he opened a personal gym training website and maintains it to this day. He arrived in Thailand before Vietnam opened its doors for tourists to wait, and after 16 weeks in the land of golden pagodas, he entered Vietnam on May 28.

Gilian is happy when her dream of discovering Vietnam comes true. He planned to stay for a long time, so he took his time to explore. So far, he has visited many places in the North, visiting a number of historical sites such as French architectural houses and Hoa Lo prison in Hanoi, Ha Long Bay… before continuing to explore the Central region. and the South.

Gilian loves Mua Cave and Tam Coc in Ninh Binh , Sa Pa (Lao Cai) and Ha Long Bay ( Quang Ninh ). If he chooses his favorite place, he chooses Cat Cat village in Sa Pa. “It’s a hidden gem with many mysterious beauties. The nature is beautiful, there are villages, and I get to meet ethnic people,” he said.

Gilian experiences sailing in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh in early August.

Especially, Gilian compares the beautiful and majestic nature of Vietnam like a fairy film. He compared it to the film The Chronicles of Narnia , beloved by generations of Western children, depicting a fantasy world filled with wonder. “For example, taking a boat on the Tam Coc River, holding up the camera to take pictures and recording videos at any time, I am amazed at the beautiful scenery,” praised Gilian. In his eyes, Ninh Binh is beautiful in the style of “all shapes and sizes” because there are caves, temples, and mountains within a short distance.

Similar to Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa, he said that the scenes “as if not real” and caused the camera to work continuously.

“In Indonesia or Thailand, you have to know the spots with nature or beautiful scenery, but in Vietnam, you are always surrounded by beautiful nature,” said Gilian.

However, in Vietnam, Gilian also has not very good experiences, such as the language barrier when Vietnamese people do not know much English and hygiene problems, but “have experienced it since I was in Thailand”.

In terms of food, he was satisfied when he tried pho, after hearing many compliments from his friends. “It’s a bit difficult because I’m not used to using chopsticks. In my opinion, Vietnamese food is very pale compared to Thai food.”

Gil with his compatriot, Chariss, in Ha Long Bay. They met in Thailand and Gil “led” Chariss to discover the beauty of Vietnam.

In the future, he will travel to the rest of Vietnam by motorbike. “When I think about Asian countries, the feeling of riding a motorbike gives me the ultimate sense of freedom. I will visit Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City, and am also excited to see and learn more about the history. and the wars in Vietnam. I read and learned a lot about them when I was in college,” Gilian said.

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Từ khoá: Vietnam is the most beautiful in Asia in the eyes of a Dutch boy

Discover Ha Tien – The Land Possessing The Poetic Beauty That Captivates The Hearts Of People In Kien Giang

If you are looking for a place in Kien Giang to both immerse yourself in the vast sea and admire the majestic mountain landscape, Ha Tien town will definitely be a great choice. there. The Ha Tien travel experiences we share below will make your trip more complete and memorable.

Synthesis of travel experiences in Ha Tien you should pocket Introduce some features of Ha Tien

Ha Tien is a highland border city located in the northwestern region of Kien Giang province, bordering Cambodia. Not only possessing the majestic and poetic natural scenery with golden forests and silver sea, Ha Tien is also a place associated with historical stories about the Tran Quoc Cong Mac Cuu. He was a man who made great contributions to the exploration of the land of Ha Tien in the Nguyen dynasty.

Ha Tien is located in the golden triangle of tourism in Kien Giang province. From here, you can easily move to the famous tourist destinations of Kien Giang such as Phu Quoc pearl island, Rach Gia city, …

Should you travel to Ha Tien at any time of the year?

Ha Tien is an attractive tourist destination in Kien Giang

Ha Tien city is located in the subequatorial monsoon tropical climate, the weather is quite mild and comfortable with an average temperature of about 27 degrees Celsius, neither too cold nor too hot. So, according to Ha Tien tourism experience , you can come here at many times of the year. However, to be able to immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the beaches here, you should go in the summer, from April to August every year.

How to move to Ha Tien

You can travel to Ha Tien at many times of the year

Ha Tien is a major tourist center of Kien Giang province. So there are many ways to move to Ha Tien that you can choose from.

From Noi Bai or Tan Son Nhat airport, you can buy a flight ticket to Rach Gia airport. Then continue to take a taxi, bus or rent a motorbike to move to Ha Tien. In addition, from Ho Chi Minh City, if you want to save more money, you can take Kumho bus (Ticket price is about 180,000 VND / 1 way – Telephone: 0837527878) or Phuong Trang garage (Ticket price 180,000 VND / 1 time – Telephone 0838 309 309).

Hotels in Ha Tien

The beauty of the sea Ha Tien

The hotel system in Ha Tien is quite diverse and plentiful, with a full range of segments from affordable to high-end for you to choose from. Here are some good, affordable accommodation places you can refer to your upcoming trip:

Nui Den Resort

Address: Nui Den Street, Zone 3, Phao Dai Ward, Ha Tien

Price reference room: 24 to 27 USD.

Hotel Visuha Hotel

Address: No. 81 Tran Hau street, Binh San ward, Ha Tien city.

Price reference room: 26 USD / 1 room / 1 night.

Ha Tien Happy Hotel

Address: No. 13-14 Hoang Van Thu, Binh San ward, Ha Tien city.

Price reference room: 17 USD / 1 room / 1 night.

Huong Xua Hotel

Address: No. 1 Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Phao Dai Ward, Ha Tien City.

Price reference room: 17 USD / 1 night.

Sammy Ha Tien Hotel

Address: No. 79 Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, Quarter 1, Phao Dai Ward, Ha Tien City.

Price reference room: 24 USD / 1 night.

Famous sights in Ha Tien you should not miss Mui Nai Beach

The hotel system in Ha Tien is very diverse

One of the famous tourist destinations in Ha Tien that is loved by many people is Mui Nai beach. Although there is no smooth white sand beach, the sea water is very clear and clean, the waves are calm, so it is very suitable for bathing in hot summer days. Coming to Mui Nai, besides interesting activities at sea, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of fresh seafood dishes.

Visiting Thach Dong

Mui Nai Beach

Thach Dong is also considered a famous sightseeing place in Ha Tien that you should not miss. This place is also known as Thach Dong Thôn Vân, which means Nuoc May Stone Cave. Inside the cave is a system of beautiful limestone stalactites. In which, the most special one must mention the giant green stone pillar up to 80 meters high. You can climb to the top of it and enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Tien city from above.


Thach Dong in Ha Tien

Da Dung Mountain is about 100 meters high, located 6 kilometers from the center of Ha Tien town. In the past, this mountain held a very important strategic position in his father’s fight against invaders. Currently, this place has become a famous historical relic, welcoming a lot of tourists to visit every day.

Mausoleum of Mac Cuu


To travel Ha Tien without visiting the mausoleum of Mac Cuu, the result is extremely regrettable. This tomb is located on Mac Cuu Street, in Binh San ward, inside the Binh San mountain range. It worships the Khai Quoc Cong Mac Cuu, who publicly gave birth to Ha Tien land in the past. Here, you will be immersed in a pure, peaceful space to forget all the hustle and bustle of life.

Ha Tien night market

Mausoleum of Mac Cuu

Discovering Ha Tien night market is a very interesting experience. This market has dozens of different stalls selling all kinds of cool things. From cosmetics, fashion products, unique handicrafts to delicious and attractive dishes. You can also buy dried seafood here at reasonable prices as gifts for relatives and friends.

What to eat when traveling to Ha Tien?

Ha Tien night market

Ha Tien not only has a beautiful landscape, poetic poetry, but also possesses a very special cuisine. There are countless delicious dishes in Ha Tien, including the dishes you must try such as: vermicelli, steamed rice noodles, coffee beans, herring salad, …

See also :  Enjoy the cuisine of Ha Tien Kien Giang to try all the specialties sky

Above are some essential Ha Tien travel experiences that we want to share with you. Hopefully it will help somewhat for your trip to Kien Giang in the near future.

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Từ khoá: Discover Ha Tien – the land possessing the poetic beauty that captivates the hearts of people in Kien Giang

Cai Hong Juan, A Rainbow Village Hidden In The Middle Of Beautiful Taichung

Taiwan is often known for many interesting small villages such as Hou Dong cat village, Jiufen ancient village, Shifen ancient village … in addition, you can also visit Cai Hong Juan rainbow village if you have the opportunity to visit Taiwan. .

Where is Cai Hong Juan Rainbow Village?

Nestled in the middle of the magnificent Taichung city is Cai Hong Juan village with a colorful space. This village is located on a small road of Nantun district, Taichung, Taiwan.

Photo: @kimmimoo.

Origin of Cai Hong Juan

Previously, Cai Hong Juan was a small village built for the soldiers in the 40s and 50s of the last century to temporarily reside. However, over time and development, the population of this village is less and less and mainly old people, while young people, they gradually leave the village and go to work in other developed urban areas.

Photo: @peppytravelgirl.

In 2008, to protest the clearing of the building, an elderly veteran living here named Huang Yung Fu started using messy shapes to paint his house and the empty houses in Cai Hong Juan. . Although at first, the purpose of this was so that others could not distinguish which was the door or the wall, but after wearing a new colorful shirt, Cai Hong Juan gradually became one of the most attractive spots in the world. interesting tourism in Taichung and people don’t tear it down anymore.

Cai Hong Juan’s unique features

Mr. Huang Yung Fu and the people in the village took up to 2 years to decorate the colorful, fancy colors and shapes for each alley or painting in Cai Hong Juan village. In addition to cartoon drawings of children or Manga characters, this village is also flooded with colorful “variant” versions of famous works.

Photo: @antungyau.

At first glance, you will think that the drawings in Cai Hong Juan village are created by children playing, but most of the works here are classified as surrealist and are rated by professionals. quite high price.

It is thanks to the vivid colors and creative drawings that Cai Hong Juan village has quickly become a favorite check-in point of many tourists from Taiwan and around the world. Every corner of this village can become a genuine check-in place that makes you fall in love.

Photo: @ryanjwlee.

When you come to Cai Hong Juan, you can also visit the small souvenir shops around here and buy some cute crafts such as keychains, wall paintings… to give to your family and friends. In addition, in Cai Hong Juan, there are also many types of cold drinks and attractive ice cream for you to “recharge” after exploring around the village.

Colorful souvenir stalls at Cai Hong Juan.

How to get to Cai Hong Juan?

– This village is located quite far from Taichung city center, so to get here, you need to use transportation such as taxi, bus…

– To travel by bus, you take the bus to the bus stop at Lungting University. Walk south along Lungting Road about 400m and you will see the village of Cai Hong Juan on the right.

2DEP Travel

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Từ khoá: Cai Hong Juan, a rainbow village hidden in the middle of beautiful Taichung

Datanla Falls: A Memorable Experience For Adventurous People

Da Lat (Dalat) is famous not only for its poetic beauty with the extensive fields of colorful flowers, the green pine forests sending a gleam across the still water but also the spectacular and magnificent waterfalls. Located nearby the city center, Datanla Falls are a destination not to be missed for you when visiting Da Lat, Vietnam.

The data area has not been entered.


I. History and Legend of Datanla Falls

Every landscape in Da Lat has its own story and Datanla Falls are not the exception. Visiting this place, you would have a chance to know the three different mysterious legends about the origin of the falls.

According to the first story, Datanla once was the place where the brave man K’Lang and the beautiful girl Ho Biang met and fell in love with the other. One day, K’Lang had to fight against the ferocious wild animals, which is still written in the legend of local people nowadays. So fierce the struggle was that the trees in a part of the forest fell down, making deep holes at the foot of the waterfalls; and one of the holes was called “The Death Canyon”. Since then, Datanla Falls turned into the meeting place of lovers.

The second legend told that once upon a time, the beautiful fairies from heaven went to Datanla to go sight-seeing and take a bath in the crystal water covered by many layers of leaves. Therefore, the stream with the spring water at the bottom of the waterfall has another name as “Suoi Tien”, which means “the fairy stream”.

When it comes to the third story, in the old days, the Cham people used to come to attack Lat and Chil people in Lang Biang plateau for land and slaves. When the local people were about to lose due to the lack of water, they fortunately discovered the waterfall. The Da Lat people therefore could defeat the Cham people and protect their village. To remind their descendant about the historical combat, the Lat people named the waterfall “Da Tam N’nha”, meaning “water under the leaves”.

II. Highlights of Datanla Falls

Datanla Falls, one of the most tourist attraction places in Da Lat, is the combination of seven majestic waterfalls. Unlike most of the famous waterfalls with the magnificent mountain background, Datanla Falls lay under the murky forest canopy; and you could hear the sound of water from afar without seeing the falls. From the height of 20 meters, the cascading water flows through the rocky slope, then bounces off the large boulders, and leaves layers of marble in the stream at the bottom.

The thing that distinguishes Datanla Falls from the other waterfalls is its unique alpine coaster. With a total length of 2400 meters, this system is the longest roller coaster in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia. The alpine coaster would take you through the pine forest to enjoy the beauty of the falls from above. Besides, you would probably have a wide range of choices for stimulating activities there, especially the thrilling games.

III. What to Do at Datanla Falls? 1. Alpine coaster

This is one of the most rewarding experiences when conquering Datanla Falls.  The coaster system curving round the hillside would take you to stunning views of Datanla, which is sure to immediately take your breath away. The speed of the roller coaster could be up to 20-40km/h, so you should be courageous enough to not close your eyes and miss the splendid sights on the way.

2. Canyoning 3. Kayaking 4. High rope course

This is the most demanding game in Datanla Falls. Before starting the game, you would have to take a short course in order not to be passive in the urgent situations. There are six levels of the game, and what can be more interesting when you could conquer all the levels of the activity.

5. Cable car

This experience is not as demanding as the others but no less attractive. The cable car system begins at the top of Prenn Pass, one of the most impressive passes in Da Lat. From the cable car, not only could you catch the sight of Datanla Falls but you could also enjoy the dreamlike and gorgeous beauty of Da Lat city as in a romance novel from above.

6. Walking through the pine forest IV. What to Eat near Datanla Falls?

After the absolutely interesting activities, you could find Datanla restaurant at the entrance of the falls where the meals are served all day. Because Datanla Falls is not very far from Da Lat, you would have another selection: enjoying delicious specialites in the city center.

Da Lat has long been well-known for its night market with a variety of appetizing dishes that are typical for the local cuisine. Going for a walk to enjoy the fresh air then sitting with friends to eat  fragrant grilled girdle-cake, buttermilk ice cream or  drink hot peanut milk would make your trip more fantastic. Besides, chicken hotpot and oxtail hotpot are worth trying for you when travelling to Da Lat.

In addition, visiting Da Lat without having a try at the fresh fruits and vegetables is one of your most regretful things in your life. Agricultural products there are grown with international standards to minimize the use of chemicals. Strawberries, sweet potatoes and processed products such as atiso tea, dried persimmons are often bought as souvenirs of Da Lat.

V. How to Get to Datanla Falls?

Datanla Falls is about six kilometers south of Da Lat center, located in the middle of Prenn Pass, one of the most spectacular passes in this city. The road winds through verdant pine forest as the scene in a love poem of the jungle. From Highway 20, you just turn right to a small descending road, then keep on going for about 300 meters to a narrow valley where you can see a dramatic and majestic sight of cascades in front of you.

The best time to start the journey is between November and March, when Da Lat is in the dry season. The weather at that time is pretty nice and appropriate for outdoor activities. You should not travel in the rainy season because the cliffs could be very slippery, which might have potential danger for tourists.

VI. Tips on Visiting Datanla Falls

There are some useful tips for you in order to have the best condition in the journey:

Wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for physical activities. Women should not wear dresses or skirts.

Do not arbitrarily participate in the games without the allowance and the control of the supervisor.

Completely follow all the safety rules of the training coaches. Ensure that you are equipped with enough safety tools before entering the games.

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Từ khoá: Datanla Falls: A Memorable Experience for Adventurous People

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